Inside Virtual ESY

Our summer program, known as ESY (Extended School Year) kicked off on Monday, July 6th. For the first time ever, this program is being held completely online. Each day, students have classes meant to maintain and shore-up their basic skills over the summer: intensive reading tutorial, writing workshop, and mathematics lab. Once the school day is over, students are able to take part in optional “specials” that include coding, dance, fitness, yoga, and citizenship.  

This is our largest summer program ever, with over 90% of our students attending ESY. This result is thanks to Chelsea’s initiative of ensuring that all of our students have access to direct instruction over the summer. We feel so strongly about the need for continuous instruction that we offered ESY programming to all of our students, regardless of their ability to afford the five-week program. This has proved to be a bit of a financial strain for the school, and we welcome all all donations to help support this program, which we feel is essential for our students. 

Students are attending their classes using the Google Meet application. In this platform, teachers are able to deliver small-group virtual instruction that seeks to mirror the intimate learning environment that is a hallmark of our normal campus programming. The results have been extremely positive, with students turning out in great numbers the first week to get back to learning!

This program works only as well as the technology resources available to keep it going. Thanks to a number of grants from public and private foundations, Chelsea has been able to provide all of our students who need one with a Chromebook. As the virtual programming continues, the need for more Chromebooks and vital technological infrastructure increases. To contribute to this urgent area of financial need, please go to