Drawing and Painting

This course provides students with opportunities to use a variety of drawing and painting materials. Color theory is studied and utilized by students in developing their compositions. Course topics include 1) a survey of materials and techniques, both historical and contemporary, used in various painting styles and approaches; 2) an exploration of both wet and dry media used in the drawing and painting experience; 3) working through a series of drawings or paintings and solving specific problems related to composition, light source, color theory, and media limitations; and 4) learning to develop a personal style by expressing self through an honest representation of visual data. Students learn how to present and exhibit their work.


This semester course will emphasize the importance of craftsmanship in working with three dimensional media. Clay, metal, wood, wax, stone, yarns, and fabrics may be molded, carved, woven, and constructed into many satisfying and useful articles. Emphasis will be placed on the utilitarian as well as the aesthetic qualities of three-dimensional art. The history of sculpture and vocabulary will be studied. All students will be expected to maintain a journal/sketchbook.

Digital Photography

The Digital Photography class is designed to work with digital photographic images in the context of an art class. In it students will learn to use their digital cameras to produce images, which show technical and conceptual skill. Course content will include projects, professional presentations, and photo journals stemming from proper usage of cameras and advanced /editing skills in Adobe Photoshop.

Music Survey

The Music Survey course is a semester-long half-credit course for DC-funded and privately-funded students that exposes students to the nature of music through the understanding of music as a language.  Students are introduced to how music is both written and read so that it may be better understood when it is heard. This course also exposes students to a variety of musical styles, sounds and experiences so that they may gain a greater appreciation of its variety and impact.