Health (0.5 credit)

The objective of Upper Division Health is to provide instruction that will impact student’s knowledge, skills, and attitudes about health and assist in the development of healthy behaviors that will last a lifetime. Students study issues in the following health areas: physical, intellectual/mental, social, spiritual, and emotional. The challenge is to find an acceptable balance among the five dimensions that will satisfy the individual and ultimately lead to good health. Content covered in the class includes: Health and Wellness, Personal Responsibilities and Decision Making, Fitness and Nutrition, Emotional Health and Healthy Relationships, Conflict Resolutions, Substance Use and Abuse, Personal and Consumer Health Choices, Disease Preventions, and Personal Safety, First Aid, and Injury Prevention.

Personal Fitness (0.5 credit)

Students in Personal Fitness follow a course of instruction that follows the Prince George’s County Public Schools curriculum. Students set personal goals, learn proper techniques and rationales for a fitness regimen, and practice a daily routine of aerobic, calisthenic, and weight training exercises. All of this is done through Chelsea School’s partnership with LA Fitness, which is located on the 3rd floor of the school building. Students have access to all of the exercise machines, free weights, and other apparatus at this facility.

Physical Education (1 credit)

The objective of Upper Division Physical Education is to provide the student with games and activities that will foster increased participation in school wide and community based athletic programs.Students participate in a variety of games, activities, and experiences that help them to understand basic movement concepts, engage in extracurricular activities, social and community events. Students are introduced to the following areas: Aerobic Conditioning, Weight Training and Conditioning, Fitness and Nutrition, Balance and Flexibility, Obstacles Courses, Team Building Games, Individual Lifetime Sports, Modified Sporting Events, Personal Safety, First Aid, and Injury Prevention, and Athletic Contests.