Students in Middle Division Science explore scientific concepts and phenomena through hands-on and experiential lessons, while developing their organizational and study skills. Middle Division Science follows the Prince George’s County Curriculum for Science grades 6-8. The course covers a variety of topics in Life, Physical, and Earth Science, rotating each year. Topics studied in the Earth Science rotation include the structure of an atom, the elements and the periodic table of elements, phases of matter, geology, the rock cycle, weathering, plate tectonics, oceanography, meteorology, astronomy, star life cycles, constellations, and  air and space travel.

Topics in the Life Science rotation include cells, tissues, organs and systems, human biology and anatomy, physiology and behavior – animal and plant physiology and cycles, genes and heredity, biodiversity, and natural selection, ecosystems – populations, food webs, energy, and ecology, and classification –  major groupings of organisms in plants and animals and taxonomy.