Social Skills is one of the hallmarks of Chelsea’s Middle Division program.  Each of our Middle Division students participates in a social skills class, typically consisting of 4-6 students.  These classes meet once per week.

The purpose of the Social Skills group is to promote self-awareness and the ability to work with others to achieve a common goal.  The group focuses on empowering each individual student to recognize the strengths and the gifts that they each possess. It also focuses on how these unique individuals can come together to work cooperatively to achieve common goals.  During this process, students develop an understanding of learning differences in general, as well as their specific learning styles. This increased awareness lends itself to an improved self-esteem and sense of self. They learn how to advocate for themselves, in addition to learning to  demonstrate tolerance for differences in others.

Each year, the Social Skills program culminates with a camping trip that is planned by the students themselves.  In their groups, they plan meals and menus for the entire trip. They work together to assemble their tents (and sometimes the tents of their chaperones!).  They engage in both educational and fun activities during their 2-day, 1 night stay. This trip is the highlight of the year!