Introduction to Art

This is a survey course, designed to introduce students to a wide variety of art forms, media and techniques including fundamentals of design, drawing, painting, ceramics, sculpture, collage and art history. Students develop aesthetic criteria while cultivating opportunities for personal expression. Students are expected to complete all projects, keep their work organized, use art materials and tools safely and participate cooperatively.


The Ceramics course stresses fine and gross motor skills, visual motor coordination and design skills. The program progresses from simple to complex hand-building techniques, i.e., slab, pinch and coil, to throwing on the potter’s wheel. Students learn a variety of basic shapes and a number of finishing techniques (burnishing, texturing, sgraffito, and glazes). As in other art programs, artistic and design skills are emphasized as well as form and function, and the curriculum is adjusted at each level of progress to meet the individual needs of the student.

Digital Photography

The Digital Photography class is designed to work with digital photographic images in the context of an art class. In it students will learn to use their digital cameras to produce images, which show technical and conceptual skill. Course content will include projects, professional presentations, and photo journals stemming from proper usage of cameras and advanced /editing skills in Adobe Photoshop.

Music Survey

The Music Survey course is a semester-long half-credit course that exposes students to the nature of music through the understanding of music as a language.  Students are introduced to how music is both written and read so that it may be better understood when it is heard. This course also exposes students to a variety of musical styles, sounds and experiences so that they may gain a greater appreciation of its variety and impact.