Support Maryland Senate Bill 706!

Did you know that nonpublic school teachers are paid 23-40% lower than teachers in public schools?

Did you also know that nonpublic teachers are required to meet the same licensing requirements of public school teachers?

Please join Chelsea School in supporting Maryland Senate Bill 706 which will help to align nonpublic teacher salaries with those of their public school counterparts. Hiring and retaining quality teachers remains one of the biggest challenges facing schools like Chelsea.

Over 85% of Chelsea School’s students are funded by their public jurisdictions because they require the intensive, individualized support that most public schools cannot provide. These students come to Chelsea after experiencing years of academic failure. Chelsea School, and schools like it, give these students a chance to experience academic success while building literacy, numeracy, and writing skills. With a graduation rate of nearly 100%, Chelsea School alumni are now excelling in colleges and universities, as well as in a variety of professions from law to education. These same students were previously at-risk for dropping out or slipping into the school-to-prison pipeline.


There will be a hearing on SB 706 – MANSEF’s salary parity bill – before the Senate Budget and Tax Committee on Wednesday, March 2. PLEASE CALL AND EMAIL THESE LEGISLATORS to register your support. Show them you care about our publicly funded students who need
qualified teachers who must be paid similar to their public school counterparts. Please tell legislators to support this much needed legislation as our schools will not be able to serve Maryland’s most challenged students. Working in a nonpublic special education school should not put our staff at a disadvantage.

Here are emails and phone numbers to flood their offices by Wednesday afternoon.

Senate Budget and Tax Committee 410-841-3572 410-841-3141 410-841-3903 410-841-3590 410-841-3578 410-841-3686 410-841-3575 410-841-3127 410-841-3165 410-841-3565 410-841-3700 410-841-3587 410-841-3625

House Ways and Means Committee 410-841-3471 410-841-3652 410-841-3267 410-841-3110 410-841-3404 410-841-3328 410-841-3793 410-841-3444 410-841-3205 410-841-3257 410-841-3365 410-841-3331 410-841-3493 410-841-3356 410-841-3284 410-841-3326 410-841-3211 410-841-3037 410-841-3070 410-841-3458 410-841-3557 410-841-3247 410-841-3707