Chelsea 7th Grader Raises Money for Baseball in Puerto Rico for Mitzvah Project

Chelsea 7th Grader Raises Money for Baseball in Puerto Rico for Mitzvah Project

Chelsea School 7th grader Sol Miranda-Weiner is known to his school friends as a young man with two passions: science and baseball. As he turns 13 this year, he will becoming a bar mitzvah and completing a mitzvah project. Sol has chosen to raise funds and support Play Ball Puerto Rico, an organization that renovates baseball fields that were devastated by Hurricane Maria and numerous earthquakes.

“For me, one of the most important things about becoming a Bar Mitzvah is the opportunity to help others”, said Sol. “I love playing baseball, and I play on some really nice and safe fields in Washington, DC, and I want kids in Puerto Rico to have that too.”

“I have chosen to renovate a field in Ponce, Puerto Rico, where one of my grandpas was born. In Ponce, the few fields that survived Hurricane Maria, did not survive the earthquakes. All the money that I raise will be used to renovate a specific field there. I really like that they will also make sure to involve the community to renovate their field.”

Play Ball Puerto Rico was started by then 13 year old, Lawson Strenecky, who wanted to do something when he saw the devastation of Puerto Rico by Hurricane Maria.

“I am very excited and committed to working with Play Ball, PR and have been joining board meetings to better plan for this amazing opportunity to serve.  I also plan to volunteer in person, to help fix the field and get to know the community, when I am in Puerto Rico this summer.”

Sol is asking the Chelsea Community to be a part of his Bar Mitzvah project by donating money to Play Ball, Puerto Rico to help communities have a safe place to come together, and for kids to play baseball in Ponce.

For more information, please visit the website at

To donate: you can donate through PayPal using the email: . Make sure you mark donation and not payment for services and make a note that this is for Sol’s project.

You can also send checks directly to Play Ball Puerto Rico:

Dr. Bernard J Strenecky

C/O Play Ball Puerto Rico

3518 Sorrento Ave.

Louisville, KY 40241