Welcome to Our New Website!

Welcome, Chelsea School family and friends, to our new and improved website. Thanks to our friends at ACS Creative, and through some generous grants that we’ve received, we’re proud to unveil a website that truly does our school proud!

When Kristal Weems-Bradner and I first saw the layout for the site, she said “We finally have the website that Chelsea deserves,” and I couldn’t agree more. Chelsea is a school for students who are focused on the future, engaged and stimulated by a college-preparatory environment, and nurtured and cared-for in a family-like environment. I think that the images and design of our new site conveys this beautifully. It’s easy for me to talk about how great our school is – how amazing our students and teachers are, but it’s another thing to capture that sentiment in words and images.

We tried to create a website that was visually appealing and told the story of who we are, while also being easy to navigate and useful to our parents, students, teachers, and visitors. The features and resources that this site provides far exceed anything we’ve had in the past. For parents, this site will connect them to all of the platforms and spaces they could ever need – from checking their child’s homework to paying for their school lunch.

It’s amazing how a first impression can create a lasting feeling about a place. As you know, being on the top floor of a retail space doesn’t give us a lot of curb appeal, and we know that new visitors to the school don’t really get a feel for what Chelsea is about until they enter our doors. Once they’re inside, they typically like what they see. Visitors are often amazed when they witness a change of classes at Chelsea – students are polite, they smile at you, they hold doors, they even stop to chat. When you talk to a Chelsea student, you encounter a young person who is eager to tell you their story – where they’ve been and where they’re going. We hope that our new website gives visitors that same sense of what we’re all about.

Enjoy the new space – it belongs to all of us!