A better reader each day

Even at a young age, Elijah felt that school was a challenge.  As a struggling reader in public school, his parents knew there were other options for special education, but also knew time was a factor—a waiting list wouldn’t do.  When touring Chelsea, he “…saw small class sizes, and teachers that were able to take the time to help students that needed help.”  Elijah was able to start right away as a 6th grader at Chelsea School.  Now in the 11th grade, “I can read harder books” he says.  “Most recently, The One and Only Ivan, [by Katherine Applegate] was my favorite.”

As a Chelsea Knight who embraces his learning difference, Elijah offers this: “Keep trying your hardest.  If you need help, tell your parents.  Parents: listen to your kids.  If your kid is dyslexic, they need a lot of help.  I was lucky enough to have that help; my parents got me into a great school, and I’m a better reader each day.”

You can help students like Elijah reach the right school.  Chelsea’s ability to provide financial aid means accessible special education in our community.  Watch for more Chelsea voices, visit https://www.chelseaschool.edu/support-chelsea/, and make a donation today!

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