Principles of Business Management and Administration is the first of a two-year business program where students study and analyze the intricate parts of businesses. In the second year class, Advanced Business Management, students will dive deeper into the world of business and its impact on the economy.

By the end of this year, students will be able to:

  1. Understand a variety of types of businesses, as well as various applications, laws and theories of business.
  2. Understand the business world and be prepared to meet their career goals and objectives.
  3. Develop the communication skills that will be necessary for success in the workplace and college.
  4. Analyze the functions of business through evaluating, planning, organizing, and controlling.

Principles of Business Management is a PGCPS-approved completer pathway. This means that this 2-year course sequence can take the place of the 2-year foreign language requirement for graduation.