Keep them Learning …. Keep them Safe.

We need your help! Chelsea School is completely virtual this fall, and we are committed to continuing to provide each of our students with the best instructional program available, now in a virtual format. Transitioning to a virtual format is expensive, and we are calling on champions of Chelsea’s mission to help us support our students and teachers.

Math Manipulative Kits ($50 each)
Need 25 donors
Visual learning is only one effective modality for our students – they need to touch and grasp the difficult math concepts that they are learning. Working with vendors that specialize in math manipulatives for students with learning differences, we are creating a custom individualized manipulative kit for each student.

Reading Program Materials ($100 each)
Need 12 donors
Literacy is at the core of Chelsea’s mission. To support reading remediation in the virtual platform, we rely on a number of web-based intervention programs to help our students make progress in their literacy. Your donation will help us fund these programs, as well as teaching and instructional support for our reading specialists.

Science Lab Home Kits ($50 each)
Need 20 donors
Science is best when it’s hands-on, and we are determined to provide our students with lab kits so they can learn and explore using real models and real materials.

Social Studies and Geography Supplies ($50 each)
Need 20 donors
From dry-erase maps to graphic organizers, our students need proven strategies for acquiring and retaining social studies content knowledge.

Chromebooks ($500 each) 
Need 15 donors
Thanks to grants from a number of public and private sources, we’ve been able to put Chromebooks in the hands of most of our students – but we continue to need support in getting these vital tools for continued use. The model that we have upgraded to this year includes touch-screen and other features that are better suited for students with learning differences.

Wifi Extenders and Hot Spots ($75 each)
Need 15 donors
Both our students and staff need consistent and dependable internet access each day to be able to learn and teach.

Art Supplies ($25 each)
Need 20 donors
Your donation will help us provide art supplies and materials to our students to use in their homes.

Home Fitness Equipment ($50)
Need 20 donors
We are focusing strongly this fall on getting our students up and moving. With school sports paused, our students are in need of exercise and fitness equipment that they can safely use at home.

Grocery Store Gift Cards for Students in Need ($100 each)
Need 10 donors
Many of our families have suffered hardships during the pandemic due to job loss or other financial burdens. Your donation will help to ensure that our students are available for learning because they are nourished and healthy.

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