Television Production I and II

The Television Production courses are designed to prepare students for a career in video editing and television production. By the end of the first year, students are able to: manage and execute pre-production responsibilities for video projects, write scripts and develop storyboards for commercials, Chelsea events and other video projects, and demonstrate proficiency in operating audio and video equipment to shoot and edit a variety of video projects. By the end of the second year, students are able to develop personal video project from concept to completion, manage multiple video projects simultaneously, direct a video crew, act as a part of a camera crew team on various Chelsea events, and demonstrate independent proficiency in operating audio and video equipment to shoot and edit a variety of video projects.

Information Systems Management I and II

Information System Management (ISM) courses provide Chelsea School students the opportunity to practice critical academic skills as they develop an understanding of how PC-based information systems are programmed, managed, upgraded, maintained, and administered. In ISM, students will collaborate to identify a need at Chelsea School that could be fulfilled through the innovative use of PC-based hardware and software. Students will then work together to build a PC that meets the hardware requirements, and will shop competitively for the options for making component purchases. As a team, they will then develop the software that serves the need or solves the problem they identified together. As they work toward these objectives, they will develop fluency installing and administering enterprise operating systems in parallel: GNU/Linux and Microsoft Windows Professional.

Principles of Recording

Principles of Recording is a semester-long half-credit class designed to introduce students to the basics of audio recording and editing.  By the end of this course, students are able to manage and execute pre-production responsibilities for audio projects, record and edit voice overs and podcasts, and create music using audio editing software.

Foundations of Technology

Foundations of Technology is an introductory course that satisfies the state of Maryland’s graduation requirement for technology education.Students study the history of technological development, the theory and practice of simple machines, and learn how technology has been used to solve human problems over the ages. Students learn through project-based, hands-on, and experiential learning experiences.