Director of Education

Chelsea School is seeking a dynamic individual with outstanding leadership, interpersonal, and organizational skills to be our new Director of Education for the 2022-23 school year.
The Director of Education is responsible for the implementation of the academic curriculum and the teaching and learning for all grade levels [5th through 12th grades]. Other responsibilities include supervision of teaching staff, oversight of certification status, and compliance with state regulations regarding instruction. The Director of Education serves as the primary contact to the Maryland State Department of Education and Office of the State Superintendent of Education [OSSE] of the District of Columbia.
The Director of Education oversees Statewide Assessments, SAT, PSAT, and ACT programs for eligible students. They serve as a member of the Admissions and Administrative teams. The Director of Education maintains Chelsea School compliance with IDEA Law; State of Maryland COMAR regulations and Office of State Superintendent of Education [District of Columbia Public and Charter School] regulations.
Chelsea School is a nonpublic special education school that serves students with language-based learning disabilities in a rigorous college preparatory environment. For more information about the school, please visit

Required Qualifications

– Maryland State Department of Education teaching certificate in Special Education.
– Experience working with students with dyslexia, ADHD, and learning disabilities.
– At least 5 years teaching experience with a history of improving student achievement
– Expertise in lesson design, multi-modal instructional practices, multi-sensory methods, assessment of students, supervision and coaching of teachers, and school leadership.
– Must meet all state requirements for employment (background check, etc.)
– Master’s degree in Special Education or related field


To oversee, maintain and coordinate all aspects of Chelsea School’s academic program including implementation of IEP services.


Work with Executive Director and Testing Coordinator to coordinate all Maryland and District of Columbia state testing for both middle and upper division
Coordinate the teacher and staff certification process with the State of Maryland Department of Education and OSSE
Develop and supervise implementation of curriculum for the academic program
Maintain goals/objectives bank for writing, math and study skills IEP objectives
Oversee the development, tracking, dissemination and proper implementation of IEP mandated accommodations for students during state testing events.
Oversee school responses to complaints or Due Process Hearings.
Oversee instructional portion of operational budget
Maintain Chelsea School compliance with IDEA Law; State of Maryland COMAR regulations and District of Columbia Public School regulations
Coordinate with administrative team members the Summer Institute for all staff prior to start of every school year
Serve as the key contact person with the State of Maryland Department of Education, OSSE and local school systems on all matters pertaining to curriculum, instruction and graduation requirements to include site visits
Develop professional education opportunities for faculty
Coordinate with administrative team to oversee the ESY Program: student schedules, budget, hire faculty, transportation, coordinate curriculum and technology support
Attend statewide and district-wide meetings pertaining to IEP related goals and objectives
Oversee planning and preparation for Academic Fair
Attend occasional evening school-wide functions such as back-to-school night, awards ceremonies, parent/ teacher meetings, open houses, etc.
Attend Admissions Committee and Administrative Team meetings
Recruit and hire content area and substitute teachers
Supervise and evaluate the performance of teaching and substitute staff, both formally and informally, on a regular basis throughout the school year
Manage teaching staff; review performance and establish goals and actions intended to achieve performance improvement
Maintain records of employee observations, review assessments and performance plans
Coordinate substitute teacher assignments
Develop mid-year and end-of-year exam schedule and communicate this information to staff and families
Coordinate Back-to-School Night activities
Coordinate the generation and distribution of Student Progress Reports and Report Cards

Interested candidates should contact Kristal Weems-Bradner, Head of School at